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Sunday, September 2, 2007

I always admire and love those
People who stay after seeing the real me,
For I cant be what
others presumed orExpect me to be…I
m glad we’re friends
Whle I continue to be just me


M asarap magkaroon ng kaibigan…
ay kausap lagi…
May kasama lagi…
May karamay sa lahat…
Pero alam mo kung anong mas masarap?
Pag ang kaibigan ay IKAW!
Maraming Salamat!

One time nilapitan mo ko,
Sabi mo, “… di kta friend!”
Tumawa ako, sabi ko..
“bakit? Friend dn ba kta?”
natawa ka rn??
Buti na lng umulan..
Di mo napansing tumulo luha ko…


Years from now…
I don’t know who im gonna be…
Where I’ll be in my life…
And what I have by then…
But one thing would be certain
That you’ll still be forever a part of me…

Some friends are worth to be thrown
ome are good to keep and
Some are to be treasured and
I think you’re the one who needs
To be … THROWN!
In the treasure box…
To keep forever!

Will never be enough to express
how grateful I am to have you
God is good coz He gave me a friend
And he made a very special one
Out of you!

What is a friend?
Ang friend hindi lang palaging present
O kaya palagi moong kabiruan
Kundi siya yong taong mahal ka
Concern sayo at naaalala ka
Kahit di mo gaanong nakakasama…

We started as friends across the road,
It almost died but still it survived
For somehow, someway it just keeps
On finding its way…“fren, alam kong mahaba pah lalakarin ntin,sna di ka mapagod sa akin!